Saturday, 22 March 2014

SEA Aquarium @ Resorts World Sentosa (061113)

I know this is a long overdued post, but thanks to Yanjun, I was able to celebrate my 22nd birthday at SEA Aquarium @ Resorts World Sentosa (RWS).

For those who knew me personally would have know that I was an ex-employee of RWS and this attraction was opened to the public only after I entered BMT. 

The concept of SEA Aquarium revolves around a story of the kings in two different countries. One of the kings wanted to deliver a gift to another, but the main transportation was via water and several days were needed to travel from one land to another. A typhoon appeared and the story continues... Catch it yourself, it's interesting! 

Before the lead up to the Typhoon Theatre where the story begins, artefacts and monuments were displayed at the Maritime Experiential Museum to provide information to the visitors of seamen and their lives in the olden days. 

Some examples of the artefacts on display

Typhoon Theatre brings you to another world of its own

Following the story, you are led into the main aquarium where the gist of the attraction lies. Some facts about the SEA Aquarium:
1. it is the world's largest aquarium 
2. there are over 800 species of marine animals in the aquarium

These jellyfishes (okay, I am not sure whether there's such a word, LOL) are amazing! Their carefree and delicate movements are simply beautiful! 

Just some of the pictures taken in the Aquarium. Not so much pictures to bore you guys out!

The aquarium is segregated into different sections and there's also a section where you can glance at  the endangered dolphins via a glass panel! If you are tired after walking throughout the entire attractions, fret not, there are seats available at different locations. Restaurants and snack bars are also in abundance, so you have no worries to satisfy your hunger pangs! 

Upon exiting from the Aquarium, that's not the end of the journey. The journey continues edging deeper into the lives of the seamen. Pirate attacks were frequent during those days, and pirate hunters were well-sought after by the kings. 

Shall end off this post with some pictures taken on my 22nd! (:

Monday, 30 December 2013

Sunday Brunch @ JuChunYuan (聚春圆) - 031113

Sunday dim sum brunch @ Ju Chun Yuan!

Chanced upon this place while looking for dim sum buffets online. To be honest, although this place may be just a stone's throw away from Raffles Place, I had quite a hard time looking for this restaurant.

Spring JuChunYuan
Far East Square 
130 Amoy Street #01-01 

Operating Hours (daily): 
12:00PM - 2:30PM 
6:00PM - 10:30PM 

From the outside, one would certainly have no idea that JuChunYuan is a restaurant. I initially thought that it was an exhibit of the ancient times houses. 

The buffet consists of free-flow ala carte dim sum and mains from the menu provided. Drinks provided is a variety of chinese tea choices for you to choose from. 

Price (lunch):
$19.80++ (Adults)
$11.80++ (Child below 12 years old)

$24++  (Adults)
$26++ (Child below 12 years old)

Some pictures of the restaurant's layout

The restaurant gave me a very "atas" feeling as I could totally enjoy my meal in peace without disturbance from the staffs. Moreover, the staffs were always ready to help whenever I need them. On this sunday, when Yanjun and I visited the restaurant, we were the first customers to reach. Upon enquiry, the restaurant was actually fully booked on the afternoon. Luckily, we were there early, and they could squeeze in a table for a couple of hours for us to dine in. 

Their ordering slip with prices indicated for non ala carte buffet

Sliced Spicy Chicken 

Shallot Pancake (葱油饼)- One of my favourites! 

Superior Pork Ribs

The "Notorious" Salted Egg Custard Bun

Steamed Chicken Feet - My Top 3! Soft and tangy, not that spicy too! 

Shrimp Roll 

Shrimps Dumplings - A disappointment. A far cry from what I expected. Dry and hard to chew.

Prawns Dumpling Salad & Bean Curd Skin Roll - Top 3! 

Spicy Sauce Dumpling - Another disappointment! 

Four Seasons Dumpling - I am most disappointed with this dish. Despite being well recommended, and the chefs spending a great effort to decorate this dish, the "four seasons" just could not blend well with the pork in the dumpling. Two thumbs down...

Lastly, I want to introduce my top favourite! Their dessert, Durian Cream Pancake, melts in the mouth and leaves you hanging there for more. Sorry to those who detest durians! 

It comes in the shape similar to a pillow. And when cut open, the durian cream stuffed to the brim! And if there's any reason why I would return to JuChunYuan, it would be this dessert! 

Considering that it costs $24++ for a weekend afternoon buffet, my take on this restaurant would be it's value for money. Even though some food may not be suitable to my liking, but hey! there's many other choices to choose from... However, if you had to ask me one thing that I dislike, it would be the location. Although, it is located in the city area, but if you're not familiar with the surroundings, you could get lost easily and walk in circles when the restaurant is just on the next street.